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11PM Monday 14th October 2019







Sunday 15th September 2019 (2NURFM)

Monday 16th September 2019

Saturday 21st September 2019 2CHRFM 9am to 12 noon

Monday 23rd September 2019

 Sunday 29th September 2019 (2NURFM 103.7)

Monday 30th September 2019

Wednesday 2nd October 2019 (Fill in for Tom 2CHRFM 96.5)

Sunday 6th October 2019 (2CHRFM 96.5)

Monday 7th October 2019

Monday 14th October 2019

Sunday 20th October 2019 (2NURFM)

Monday 21st October 2019




Travelling Country is every Monday night 6pm to 10pm on 2CHR (96.5fm) from Cessnock


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Hopefully I'll be able to get this page up and running sometime. Playlists will be added as run and hopefully I'll be able to start posting on the playlist boards once again!


Note - I'll be hosting Sunday Country on 2CHRFM 96.5 normally on the 1st Sunday of each month next show,  Sunday 3rd November 2019 




 I host Sunday Country on 2NUR-FM 103.7, usually on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 4pm to 6pm.

Also when there are five Sundays in a month, Sunday Country is run on the 5th Sunday, again some variations can occur.

(Next Sunday Country hosting on 2NURFM 103.7 - Sunday 20th October2019)