Sunday Country 11th July 2021
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Here We Are

Anne Kirkpatrick - Bill Chambers

A Lot Of People Like Slim Dusty Songs

Silver Wings

Speak To The Sky

Brendon Walmsley

Gotta Take A Minute

Dana Hassall

Sing Me Back Home

Julie Taylor

Outback's Come To Town

Arthur Blanch


Bill Murray

Peel Street Buskers Lament

Clelia Adams

Ghost's Of Our Old Balladeers

Gus Helm

High Mountain Yodel

Wayne Horsburgh

I Wonder What You're Doin'

Alice Benfer

She'll Be Right Mate

Chris Callaghan

Waltz Right Back

Shelly Jones Band


Kenny Roberts

Bottle Is Empty

Mackenzie Lee

Mr Radioman

Angela Lidin


Log Book Blues

Bob Easter

Right In The Middle

Barry Doyle

Nothing More To Say

Bec Hance

Manuel Goodbye

Audrey Landers

My Turn For Living

Christina George

Coloured Lad

Rex Dallas

Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown

Dianne Lindsay

I'm Getting Over You

Trudi Lalor - Daniel O'Donnell

Nothing Worth Saving

Eric Bogle

Old Mission Road

Archie Roach

Things Are Not The Same On The Land

Kevin Lansdell - Katelyn

Day I Rode Chainsaw

Ken Lindsay

Day I Rode The Emu

Leon Lowes

Night I Saved John Wayne

Graham Rodger


Kiss My Cheek

Connie Kis Andersen

Couldn't Live Without You

Tyson Coleman - Michelle Walker

Losing Side Of Love

J R Williams - Kasey Chambers

Brighter Weather

Patricia McGuire

Knocklayde Mountain

T J Stuart - Brenda Mulgrew

Cottage In The Country

Isla Grant

True Blue

Amber Lawrence - Aleyce Simmonds - Kirsty Lee Akers - Dianna Corcoran


Eddie Tapp

Go Marry A Cowboy

Kathy Coleman

When Big Tom Sang Gentle Mother


Cry Of The Outback

Natalie Foley

Old Country Store

Turning Ground

Old Rustic Bridge By The Mill

Howie Brothers

A Dream Ago

Brian Letton


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