Sunday Country - 2NURFM 103.7

18th July 2021  4pm - 6pm

U01 Transport Man                                                Reg Poole

U02 I Wonder What You're Doin'                            Alice Benfer

U03 Clifton Hills                                                     Dean Perrett

U04 On The Phone Again                                       Ken Lindsay

U05 I'll Be Home Soon                                           Mackenzie Pringle - Bruce Forbes

U06 Only Just                                                        Amy Vee

U07 It's Always The Son That Gets The Farm         Sharon Heaslip

U08 Shepherds Farewell                                        Wayne Horsburgh

U09 Be Kind                                                          Owen Mac

U10 You Are The Rose Of My Heart                       Ken Mullen

U11 Good Time Country Music Show                      Dave Sheriff

U12 My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You              Bryan Watkins

U13 Poor Man's Gold                                             Runaway Dixie

U14 Cool Cool Cowboy                                           Michelle Walker

U15 Keep Safe On The Track                                 Lee Forster


V01 Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room                              HillWilliams

V02 He Is Waiting                                                  Mandy Strobel

V03 Standing By The Bedside Of A Neighbour        Cox Family

V04 We Call On Him                                              Paul McCloud

V05 He's Got The Whole World                              Connie Kis Andersen

V06 Family Bible                                                    Johnny Bush

V07 Royal Telephone                                             Gary Ellis

V08 In The Sweet By And By                                  Willie Nelson

V09 Breathe In                                                      Gayle O'Neil

V10 Kings Last Concert                                          Red Sovine

V11 A Bit Too Old For Yodelling                              Gavan Arden

V12 When The Moon Across The Bushland Beams Jim Haynes

V13 You're Looking At Country                               Tracey Rowland

V14 Peter Anderson And Co                                   Slim Dusty


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