Sunday Country - 19th June 2022 - 2NURFM 103.7

Galah Occasion

Jim Haynes


Peter Coad


RnR Ranchgirls

My Shadow

Ian Wilkinson

Broken Hearts And Roses

Jason Carruthers

Lift My Spirits

Gayle O'Neil

Dead On Time

John Battle

It's A Country Song

Allan Caswell

One Size Fits All

Joy Adams

Garage Sale

Glenn Jones

One Good Love

Faye Kristiansen

Sale Day At St Lawrence

Bruce Forbes

Homeward Call

Michelle Walker

Go Marry A Cowboy

Kathy Coleman

Mad Joe The Fisherman

Slim Dusty


What The Man Said

Garry & Clelia Adams

Why Me Lord

Eddie Low

Where The Roses Never Fade

Sharon Heaslip

He's Got The Whole World

Connie Kis Andersen

Travellin' On

Country Sound

Church In The Wildwood

Statler Brothers

Far Side Banks Of Jordan

Mandy Strobel

Pearly Gates

Maurie Lawson

Momma How I Miss You

Johanna Hemara

There's No Indispensable Man

Gordon Parsons

Better Days

Kirsty Lee Akers

Rockin' Over River

Corinna Cordwell

When The Moon Across The Bushland Beams

Jim Haynes

One Tree Plain

Laura Downing


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