Travelling Country - Monday 5th July 2021
2CHR ---- 6pm To 10pm

Pilliga Yowie

Mick James

46 Miles From Alice

Catherine Britt

One One Was A Racehorse

Reg Poole

I'll Get Back About That

Connie Kis Andersen

Nice To Hear An Old Slim Dusty Song

Peter Dawson

Three Times Seven

Slim Dusty


Lance Birrel

Are You Wasting My Time

Melissa Bajric

Southerly Change

Tracy Coster


Bryan Watkins

I Wonder What You're Doing Tonight

Alice Benfer

Gone Back And Goin' Again

Chris Callaghan

Waltz Right Back

Shelly Jones Band

Heart Don't Break

T C Cassidy

I'm A Woman

Jan Kelly

When The Harvest Days Are Over Jessie Dear

Brian Letton


What's An Aussie Bloke Supposed To Do

Dean Johnston

Lovin' The Bottle


Back In Birdsville

John O'Dea

Barbed Wire Pub

John Smith

Remember Me

Karen Williams

Land Of The Big Blue Sky

Bob Easter

No We're Not Going Home

Borderers - Rough Diamonds

Forever Young

Brendon Walmsley

San Angelo

Marty Robbins

Thanks A Lot

Ernest Tubb

It's Always The Son That Gets The Farm

Sharon Heaslip

Broken Hearts And Roses

Jason Carruthers

Footprints In A Song

Chris Brashear & Peter McLaughlan

3 Scotsmen

Mick Foster - Moyra Fraser

Be Kind

Owen Mac


Memories Of Yesteryear

Tracey Rowland

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

Bill Rowland

Homeward Bound

Owen Blundell

One Family World

Australia Too

My Shadow

Ian Wilkinson

One Who Takes Me Home

Bruce Forbes

Homeward Call

Michelle Walker

Breathe In

Gayle O'Neil

Riding Out The Storm

Peter Coad

Through It All

Harper Family

Did You Think To Pray

Charley Pride

God Will Prevail

Clelia Adams

Final Alter Call

Hearts In Harmony

It Would Be A Small Thing

Bob Larson

Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room


Poor Wayfaring Stranger

Stella Parton


Walking The Floor Over You

Ernest Tubb

Walking The Floor Over You 2

Ben Colder

Just Around The Corner

Evelyn Bury

Casting My Lasso

Wayne Horsburgh

Cattle Call

Johanna Hemara

Faded Love And Winter Roses

Karen Williams

Country Shows Up There

Gavan Arden

Silver Wings

Patsy Riggir

She Could Run

Lacy J Dalton

Dance Little Jean

John Denver

Old Time Family Dance

George Royter

Walkin' Where The Trains Used To Run

Country Shuffle

Picking On The Porch

Water Runners

Happy Yodelling Cowgirl

Bec Hance

Do What You Do Do Well

Ned Miller

Midnight Choir

Larry Gatlin & Gatlin Brothers


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