Travelling Country - Monday 7th June 2021

You've Got Everything That You Want

Reg Lindsay

Land Of The Welcome Stranger


Put Your Boots Next To Mine

Kat Angela

North Wind

Wayne Horsburgh

You've Got The Cleanest Mind

Slim Dusty - Joy McKean

Fly Like A Bird

Donnie Soper

Station Minderoo

Dale Duncan

Where The Golden Wattle Blooms

Johanna Hemara

Land Of Acacia

Coad Sisters

Nothing Worth Saving

Eric Bogle

Come And Have A Beer Mate

Dave McCallum

You've Gotta Learn To Dance

Denise Morrison

Welcome To The Neighbourhood

Gayle O'Neil

Here's To The Aussie Yodellers

Rex Dallas


Will We Still Really Be Australian

Brian Letton

Why Country Songs Are Sad

Desree Illona Crawford

Dreaming My Dreams With You

Connie Kis Andersen

Spare Parts

Felicity Urquhart - Josh Cunningham

Turnbulls Mud Map

Gus Helm

Mr Country Music D J

Bryan Watkins

Where Is Mr Country

Terry Gordon

When It's Lamplighting Time In The Valley

Anne Kirkpatrick

Losing Side Of Love

J R Williams - Kasey Chambers

Where's My Everything

Nick Lowe

Old H R


Road That Bought Me Here

Karen Lynn

I Ain't Been Nowhere

Rhonda Vincent

I'm A Survivor

Lacy J Dalton

Back Home Again

John Denver


Rainbow In The Rock

Greg Bain

Kiss An Angel Good Morning

Hallur - Charley Pride

Hauling Cane

Harmony James

Nashville's Gone Hollywood

Heather Myles

Ready For The Open Road

Ken Chainsaw Lindsay

Toorak Tram

Bernard Bolan

Rodeo Rider

Bill Murray

Little Bitty Kiss

Billy Bridge

Hold On

Dianne Lindsay

Their Love Was Build On Stone


God's Colouring Book

Joni Harms

Calvary Way

Pete Smith

Everybody Will Be Happy

Rhonda Vincent

Bible Tells Me So

Don Cornell

Wings Of Love

Billy McCoy

A Song Of Christianity

Bob Larson

Hiding In The Rock

Dick Damron



Hank Williams

I'm Yvonne From The Bayou

Goldie Hill

Another Country Town

Dusty Spittle

Rodeo Queen

Maria McBride


Eddie Tapp

Man By The Side Of The Road

Bruce Forbes - Sue Simmonds

Rolling Wagons

Laura Downing - Glenn Jones

This Old Tin

Tracey Rowland



Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

Bill Rowland

Rainbow Chaser

Sharon Benjamin

Home On My Mind

Ellen Lee Osterfield

Where Have All The Good Times Gone

Dave Sheriff

Alone With You

Erin Hay

Land Of Promise



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