Travelling Country - Monday 10th November 2021

2CHRFM 96.5 - 6pm to 10pm

Slim Dusty You're Australia

Reg Poole

Never Mind

Slim Dusty

Old Man At The Bar

Terry Bennetts

Open Arms

Gayle O'neil

Siren Song

Audrey Auld

Music In A Can

Buddy Weston

Feeding The Fire

Felicity Kircher

Colours Of Kind

Connie Kis Anderson

Don't Fly Too High

Jade Hurley

Australia Down Under

Auriel Andrew

Mansion Over The Hilltop

Paul Overstreet

Grandma's Apron

Ann Pascoe

Spanish Harlem

Rex Dallas

Number 1 Mum

Gaye Clarke

Memories Of Yesteryear

Tracey Rowland

There Y'go

Col Millington


I Walk The Line (Revisited)

Rodney Crowell - Johnny Cash

Footprints In A Song

Circa Blue


Kay Armstrong

Expo 88

David Daniel - Glenn Bidmead

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

Susan McCann

Outback Bushman's Ball

Owen Blundell

Don't You Know

Trinity Woodhouse

I'll Think Of You

Ian Blundell

Thank You For Being My Friend

Dean Perrett

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Garth Brooks

When I'm With You

Lloyd Back

Just Get Better


Spare Parts

Felicity Urquart - Josh Cunningham

Jack And Jillaroo

Michelle Walker

I Love Them Whatever They Are

Lacy J Dalton


You'll Do Me Mate

Brian Letton

Too Blue For This Right Now

Allan Caswell

Traveling Girl

Karen Thomson

Coming Home

Runaway Dixie

Take Me Back Where I Was Born

Chris Brashear & Peter McLaughlan

Sunset Years Of Life

Christina George

My Rifle My Pony And Me

Don Williams

There's A Meeting Here Tonight

Sherrah Family

Tools For The Soul

T Graham Brown

Jesus Hold My Hand

Misty Dawn

Heavens Country

Warren Johnston


Ring Of Fire

Johnny Cash

Ring Of Smoke

Ben Colder

Orchid Street

Jeff Brown - Anne Kirkpatrick

Back In The Day

Walder Earl Josey

In My Next Life

Merle Haggard

In An Irish Country Home

Louise Morrissey

Where The White Faced Cattle Roam

Buddy Williams

My Shadow

Ian Wilkinson

I'll Be Home Soon

Mackenzie Pringle - Bruce Forbes

When The Sun Goes Down

Water Runners

Ain't It Beautiful


Footsteps Coming Home

Kate Hindle

I Want To Stand Where Jesus Stood

Luanne Hunt

A Little Peace

Daniel O'Donnell

Lord I Hope This Day Is Good

Stephen R Cheney

Home Made Didgeridoo

Brian Young

I Don't Want Tonight To Be Over

Heidi Hauge

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