Travelling Country - Monday 13th June 2022

2CHRFM 96.5 6pm to 10pm

Blue Mountain Rain                                                           Karen Lynne

A Truckie Up In Queensland                                              Allan Caswell

What's Happened To The Handshake                                Greg Bain

Strong                                                                              RnR Ranchgirls

I Just Wish I'd Thought Of That                                         Peter Coad

When The Tears Tumble Down In September                    Sherrie

Don't Sell Australia Out                                                     Jason Carruthers

Coffee For One                                                                Peter Smokie Dawson

Open Arms                                                                      Gayle O'Neil

Victoria River Downs Station                                             Trevor Day

Are You A Mate                                                                Bec Hance

You And My Old Guitar                                                     Bruce Forbes - Jo Foote

One One Was A Racehorse                                              Reg Poole

My Shadow                                                                      Ian Wilkinson

Country Shows Up There                                                  Gavan Arden


Let Me Take You There With A Song                                 Evelyn Bury

$1.95                                                                               Julie Taylor

Young Girl                                                                        Justin Standley

I Told You So                                                                   Dale Duncan - Johanna Hemara

Ain't We Lucky                                                                 Dianne Lindsay

Old Fashioned Girl                                                            Joni Harms

Give Me A Pinto Pal                                                          Wayne Horsburgh

Ringer                                                                              Laura Downing

Honky Tonk Moon                                                            Clelia Adams

I've Been There With Slim                                                 Col Gentles

Like A Bull Rider                                                               Mackenzie Lee

My Hometown                                                                  Viper Creek Band

Back Road Bus Stop                                                         Austins

As Long As There's A Mountain                                         Rex Dallas

I Can't Change Overnight                                                  Karen Williams - Rikki Chaplin

Just Waiting                                                                     Gottani Sisters


It's Five O'clock Somewhere                                             Adam Brand And The Outlaws

$1.95                                                                               Julie Taylor

San Francisco Mabel Joy                                                  Joan Baez

Trains                                                                              Troy Cassar Daley

Some Things A Man Just Can't Fight                                 Slim Dusty

Wings Of A Dove                                                              Hal Ketchum

Are You Ready To Meet Your Master                                Gary & Nancy Goff

Mama's Gospel Songs                                                      Pat Pincott

Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies                                  Vernon Oxford

Jesus Hold My Hand                                                         Misty Dawn

Shine Your Light - I Saw The Light                                     Charlie Landsborough

One Of These Days I'm Gonna Sit Down And Talk To Paul Johnny Cash


If I Was A Cowboy                                                            RnR Ranchgirls

Did She Mention My Name                                                Colin Harney

Denhim Jean                                                                    Colin James

Circle Of Life                                                                    Collin Raye

Shades Of Blue                                                                Kirsty Lee Akers

Jacaranda                                                                        Tanya Self

Lights Of Wollongong                                                        Aubrey & Martin

Too Strong To Break                                                        Beccy Cole

Sosefina                                                                           Gail Russell

Silence On The Line                                                         Reg Lindsay - Jodie Crosby

Where We Both Say Goodbye                                           Catherine Britt - Elton John

Tennessee Waltz                                                              Lacy J Dalton

Song                                                                                Major Dundee - Coriovallium Pipe Band


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