Travelling Country - Monday 31st May 2021
2 CHR ---- 6pm To 10pm

Give 'Em Another Encore

Wayne Horsburgh

Silver Wings

Patsy Riggir

Out Of The Calico Sack

Stan Coster

When The Moon Across The Bushland Beams

Jim Haynes

It's Always The Son That Gets The Farm

Sharon Heaslip

Coming Back Home

Greg Bain

Old Man's Money

Kathy Coleman

Banjo Song


Wombelano Kelpies

Anita Ree

Where The Gidgee Grows

Ian Wilkinson

Local Mary Magdalene

Dianne Lindsay

Batlow Apples

Brian Stitt

Real Australia

Keith Jamison

Holy Joe The Salvo

Johnny Ashcroft

Open Arms

Gayle O'Neil

Honky Tonk Moon

Clelia Adams


Bandits On The Run

Adam Harvey

Who'll Fill His Shoes

Shaza Leigh

I Am Woman

Amber Lawrence - Catherine Britt

I'm Casting My Lassoo

Greta Elkin

Big White Volvo

Buddy Williams

Here We Are

Anne Kirkpatrick - Bill Chambers

Last Of The Riverboats

Brendan Smoother

D Towards The Head

Bruce Forbes

Go On And Go


Welcome Home (The Gathering)

Derek Ryan

All I Want Is You

Majella O'Donnell - Daniel O'Donnell

Please Help Me I'm Falling

Bill Rowland

This Old Tin

Tracey Rowland

A Tree That Stands Alone

Nick Chandler

Sweet Lullaby

Sally Anne Whitten


Woman Walk The Line

Highway 101

It's Five O'clock Somewhere

Alan Jackson - Jimmy Buffett

A Mighty Fine Dog

Charlie And Monica

Time Changes Everything

Merle Haggard

Music Man

Arthur Blanch

Lonely Farmer's Daughter

Gerry Ford

Lord I've Been Ready For Years

Terry Smith

In The Palm Of Your Hand

Alison Krauss - Cox Family

Two In The Saddle

Susie Luchsinger

In The Garden

Pat Hannah

God Will Prevail

Slim Dusty

Royal Telephone

Gary Ellis

One Of These Days I'm Gonna Sit Down And Talk To Paul

Johnny Cash

Church In The Wildwood

Owen Mac


Running Bear

Johnny Preston

Running Bare

Ben Colder

Man From Horseshoe Bend


Saddle Up And Ride

Ernie Constance

An East Bound Train

Tracy Coster - Peter Denehay

She's Got Class

Michelle Walker

When I Found You

Majella O'Donnell

A Little Peace

Daniel O'Donnell

Potter's Wheel

John Denver

Foggy Mountain Top

Carlene Carter

Black Crow

Weeping Willows

Travelin' Soldier

Tyler England


Carol Donovan

Keep Safe On The Track

Lee Forster


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